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How long will my DVR record for?
The size of the hard drive and whether the system is set to continuous or motion record are 2 of the biggest factors. To achieve a decent recording duration, selecting a good capacity size and setting the DVR to motion detection will achieve the majority of installation requirements.

What happens when the Hard Drive is full of recorded data?
As default, DVRs are set to 'Overwrite' meaning once full the hard drive overwrites the old data with new data.

What is the record quality of the DVR?
ESP offer a range of High Definition DVRs from 720p to 1080p.

Can CCTV system be accessed remotely?
All ESP DVRs are networkable and can be viewed via a browser, smart phone APP or supplied software.

How do I connect my DVR to a monitor?
DVR’s of standard HDMI outputs to connect to a monitor.

Video Access Control Door Entry

What cable is required for an ESP Aperta video door entry system?
Generally all ESP systems use a good quality CAT5e cable.

How are ESPs video door entry systems powered?
The Aperta video door entry systems currently requires 1 power supply per system.

Can I connect my system to a gate mechanism?
Majority of ESP’s units have a normally open volt-free contact switch.

Can ESP systems connect to a gate mechanism?
Majority of ESP’s access control products have a normally open volt-free contact switch suitable for triggering gate motor systems.

Fire Protection

What type of fire panel system can ESP supply?
ESP offer Conventional and Addressable systems to suit a broad range of installations.

What certification do ESP fire products have?
ESP fire products have CE, CPR and EN54- 2/4 certification.

What is the maximum number of zones a panel can offer?
ESP can offer panels supporting 2-96 zones.

Can ESP supply Emergency Lighting?
Yes, ESP has a full range of emergency lighting solutions.


Are any of our timers suitable for double pole switching. ie Does the timer, switch both the live & neutral connection?
No, all our timers are only designed to switch the Live connection only.

Can any of our timeswitches handle LED lights?
Yes, LEDs are capacitive loads with high inrush current at the start up. Our product specification are often updated and product capabilities of switching LED Lighting are highlighted in webpages and datasheets. All other time switches are not specified for this type of load and in this instance we would recommend the use of a contactor in the switching circuit.

Do we have a switch that accepts an external input.(ie remote switch)?
Yes, our 26404, 4 channel unit accepts either a 230V external input to terminal 6 or a Volt Free input to terminal 13.


Choice Range

PR2n - What does Pumped and Gravity options mean on the PR2?
Pumped = allows independent control of CH and HW channels. Independent program times & operation of channels.. Gravity fed tank = does not allow CH without HW but can provide HW without CH.

PR1n/PR2n/PR3n - How to set the Dip selector switch?
The raised portion of the dip switch corresponds to the black portion shown on the label. Default position is for them all to be pushed towards the numbers , ie Pumped, 24hour, 2on/offs.


DIN & Panel Range

04566/04567 - What does Expert mode mean?
It means that you can program any mix of fixed ON/OFFs with Astro ON/OFFs. However there is no relationship in the software between fixed and astro times and as Astro times move during the year you need to be sure that all the settings will work correctly throughout the year.

04566/04567 - I can see a Star on the display, what does that mean?
It means unit is running in Astro Mode and not Expert Mode. This means only fixed on/off times within sunset and sunrise can be set. All days are the same.

71101/72101/72201/72103NFC/72203NFC - I want to switch lights on based on fixed times?
See programming instructions .You need to use the extra switching function. Which must first be activated in Options menu.. You can then enter ‘extra switching off & ons ‘ at the times required.

71101/72101/72201/72103NFC/72203NFC - I selected my nearest town location but the unit is not operating?
Entering the location is not sufficient. You also need to program the unit to come on at sunset and off at sunrise. See programming instructions. In the latest products astro pre-program steps can be accepted.

143602/143603/143541 - What module sizes are your Din Rail Enclosures?
143602 - 1 or 2 Modules 143603 - 3 or 4 Modules 143541 - 4 or 5 or 6 Modules. A module is 18mm wide.

ALL DIGITAL - Can you explain the pin code feature?
You enable the pin code via the options/pin code sub menu. When you create the pin code and come back to the main display a flashing padlock is displayed. At this point you can change the pin or disable the pin, but after 1 minute the padlock becomes static and pin code is fully enabled. Without a pin code you cannot program the unit or use the manual overrides.

ALL DIGITAL - Product is asking for a pin code to access the product settings, but I can’t remember or do not know the pin code. Please advise.?
We can provide a pin code key valid for given day. Please contact us providing the date shown on the product. You can then gain access to the product and via Menu/options/pin code,change the pin code or de-activate the pin code for the future.


Power Saver Range

PSDF - Can both elements be ON at any one time?
No – The products hardware is designed such that only one 13A load can be switched at any one time.

PSDF - Is this unit suitable for single element tank?
Yes – fit link to terminals 4 & 5 to use in a single element application.

PSDF - Is this unit compatible with a Horstmann?
Yes – the unit fits into an industry standard back box , with same wiring arrangement and connections. It is compatible with Horstmann Q7 & E7Q and obsolete Sangamo Quartz 7 products.

PSDF - When I press the boost button I get an error message?
The only reason for an error message when the boost button is pressed is that a boost command is being requested when there is already an active ‘Off peak program’ in place. You cannot have both elements on at one time.

PSDF - Need the timer to accept 2 supplies(normal &off peak) from a meter for control of two water elements. ie 10 terminals required?
No. The PS Dual does not conform. Only accepts a single supply.

PSD/PSW/PS24.7/PSS - Can this unit control a tank with two elements?
No, it can handle only one element tanks. For dual element tanks we offer the PSDF.

PSD/PSW/PS24.7/PSS - The display shows the time and an Off icon. I cannot adjust the program times?
The holiday button has been pressed and unit is in holiday mode with all buttons de-activated. Press on/off button once to allow access. From 2011 the boost button remains active during holiday mode.

PSD/PSW/PS24.7/PSS - I get error when I programme?
You are trying to program across midnight . Cannot set a program, across the midnight boundary – an error appears To overcome this imagine programming from midnight and splitting the programme period into two parts Eg a programme period from 9.00pm to 6.00am would be set as follows prog 1,on - 12.00am off - 6.00am prog 2,on – 6.00AM off – 6.00am , Where on & off’s are same ie prog 2 is disabled, but still available for use during the day. prog 3,on – 9.00pm off - 12.00am.


Round Pattern Time Switches

S250/Q550 STANDARD - My timeswitch switches Off from the manual override button, but does not operate via the dial?
This suggests the contacts setting is correct and one of the following has happened.
1. The Off lever protruding thro front plate is bent or broken.
2. Internal pawl spring on the off lever is broken.
3. The dial assy is not fully seated and secure.

S250/Q550 STANDARD - My timeswitch switches On from the manual override button, but does not operate via the dial?
This suggests the contacts setting is correct and one of the following has happened.
1. The On lever protruding thro front plate is bent or broken.
2. Internal pawl spring on the on lever is broken.
3. The dial assy is not fully seated and secure.

E850 - Override works, but the programs not working as required?
Check you have put the time of day in correctly ie the pm marker is correct. Check the correct month and date set such that the correct day is indicated. Check programs correct for all days.

E850 - How do I tell how old my product is?
A1 - The full model number will be displayed on a label on the rear of the mechanism. To get at the back of the mechanism, isolate power, remove extended terminal cover and pull the mechanism sharply from its base by grasping on the switches pull out handle. Quick Idea of date is A2– OLD DESIGN= Pre 12/99 dated products – With unit running in normal mode pressing Set Off has no effect on the display NEW DESIGN= Post 01/00 dated products – With unit running in normal mode pressing Set Off causes H:1 to appear on the LCD (ie unit in holiday mode). Press Set On to come out of holiday mode.

S250/Q550 ASTRO - Solar dial - can I set the fixed early off at 8.00pm & is this OK all the year round?
No : for unadjusted all year operation of the Sunset ‘On’ operating arm, any fixed ‘Off’ times should be set between 22:30-01:00 on the midnight bridge. Fixed ‘Off’ times set prior to this will interfere with Sunset ‘On’ operating arm during April-September and can cause the switch to operate for a short period when not required.

S250/Q550 ASTRO - Can you explain fixed time setting on a solar dial?
Document here

S250/Q550 ASTRO - Can you explain the workings of a solar dials?
Document here

S250/Q550 ASTRO - Which lever indexes the omit device on solar dial timeswitches?
On a Solar switch with omit(Q550 form 13)(you are Omitting the ON operation) - Sunset ‘on’ lever. ie if you omit friday - you are omitting Friday night/Saturday morning.

S250/Q550 STANDARD & ASTRO - I have a timeswitch and it seems to be losing time. The switch is over 5 years old?
Q550 - Highly likely that the battery is faulty or old and not maintain a correct voltage level. A replacement battery is available at NB this involves soldering. S250/Q550 -It is also symptomatic of a binding centre shaft preventing the dial turning but this should manifest itself earlier in the products life eg pre 5 years. A replacement product is the only option. S250 - likely to be a fault in the gear train and a replacement product is the only option.

S250/Q550 STANDARD - Which lever indexes the omit device on standard dial timeswitches?
On a Standard switch( you are Omitting the ON operation) - 1st on - lowest fitted in the dial indexes the day omit device prior to operating/not operating on a given day.

Q550 STANDARD & ASTRO - My Q550 is running fast ie gaining 1 hour every 3 hours approx?
This is most likely a fault with the battery not supplying the correct charge to the remainder of the circuit. When removed from power it is likely that the battery provides limited power reserve. A replacement battery is available from Note that the battery is soldered into the pcb.

S250/Q550 STANDARD & ASTRO - Timeswitch is permanently ON even when the dial is turned manually or the manual override button is pressed. The wiring is correct?
It is likely that the Gap between the contacts is not correct ie No Gap when switch Off. This could be the result of a loosened/bent terminal pin possibly through transit damage ? Or build up of deposits on contacts during use. Or contacts have welded.

S250/Q550 ASTRO - How do I adjust my round pattern solar timeswitch to operate as 1on/off rather than 2on/2off?
Unscrew & remove the fixed OFF operating pin located on the midnight bridge between 20.30 and 01.00. The switch will then operate from Sunrise right through to Sunrise.

S250/Q550 ASTRO - I have a Form 14 solar dial . What adjustment can I make to the fixed times?
The default is from ‘Sunset On to 24.00 Off and 05.00 On to Sunrise Off’. The fixed off can be set between 20.30 and 01.00. Loosen the screw on the midnight bridge and slide along into position and retighten. The fixed off can be set between 03.15 and 08.00 by adjustment of the early on mechanism (see instructions). Adjustment will be made easier when the dial assembly is removed from the mechanism.

S250/Q550 ASTRO - I have a solar timeswitch and wish to know the switching times for the year?
Sangamo can provide more details on request.

S250/Q550 STANDARD & ASTRO - I have a switch imprinted with eg D87 on the front face. Is this the model number?
No, this is only a date code. The full model number will be displayed on a label, either on the front plate of the mechanism after year 2000, or on the side of the mechanism pre 2000. To get at side of the mechanism, isolate power, remove extended terminal cover and pull mechanism sharply from its base, grasping behind the dial.

S250/Q550 ASTRO - I have the correct solar timeswitch but it is not operating early enough?
Check the calendar is set correctly & the time pointer set correctly (GMT or Wintertime). The on operation can be advanced 'on' by moving the operating pin along the on lever slot by up to 45 mins ANTICLOCKWISE. Note : some of this adjustment time may already have been used up, depending on whether adjustment has already been made for longitude.

S250/Q550 ASTRO - I have the wrong solar dial ie 54N - instead of 52N? What difference will this make?
It is important for accuracy to get the correct dial zone product. Between zones there will be a max of approx 12minutes difference in sunset and sunrise times at any point during the year. Your options are to replace product, replace the dial assembly only(spare part) or advance the On pin & delay the off pin and widen the operating period to compensate.  Thee correct dial is automatically supplied by Sangamo at ordering stage. Zone 1 = 50N (covering latitudes 49-51N) Zone 2 = 52N (covering latitudes 51-53N) Zone 3 = 54N (covering latitudes 53-55N) Zone 4 = 56N (covering latitudes 55-57N).

S250/Q550 ASTRO - My solar S250/Q550 timeswitch switches of too early in the morning?
Check that if in summertime, that the dial is correctly pointing 1 hour back (ie Wintertime/GMT) . Turn dial clockwise if necessary the 1 hour. This will have effect of delaying the off operation . Also you can loosen & move the pin clockwise on the Off operating arm to further delay operation(as long as not required for longitudinal adjustment).

S250/Q550 ASTRO - I have a solar S250/Q550 timeswitch. Do I need to adjust for British Summertime (BST)?
ALWAYS SET DIAL TIME TO WINTERTIME. (solar times are not affected - last sunday in March & October is just another day to the sun) A1 - No - if the switch is a F13 ,1on/1off being used for switching between Sunrise and Sunset and their are no fixed off or fixed on operations, eg: as supplied to the customer. A2 - Yes - If the switch has been been set to have a fixed off or a fixed on, eg: Form 13 1on/1off if the off target has been transferred to the midnight bridge and all form 14's 2on/2offs. The fixed(early)off and (early) on pins need to be adjusted as the clocks change in March & October. Summer to Winter changeover in October - RULE IS MOVE FIXED PINS BACK AN HOUR. Eg 12.00am to 11.00pm Winter to Summer changeover in March - RULE IS MOVE FIXED PINS FORWARD AN HOUR eg 11.00pm to 12.00am.

S250/Q550 STANDARD - I have a standard S250/Q550 24 hour timeswitch. Do I need to adjust for British Summertime (BST)?
Yes. Adjustment is required twice yearly to the dial.

S250/Q550 STANDARD & ASTRO - Can the switch on & offs be disabled on certain days of the week?
Yes, if fitted with a day omission device. This is a black disc with slotted white inserts for each day located behind the dial. Using a screwdriver turn the required insert so its arrow points outward to omit a day. Note that the bottom ON operating arm on a dial indexes the day omission device, so this operating arm should be used for the first on setting . Also when resetting the dial to point at the correct time after adjusting the day omission device, it is important to note that if this operating arm has not yet operated , ensure day omission device is set to the preceding day. Most solar dial products are not fitted with an omit disc.

S250/Q550/E850 STANDARD & ASTRO - I have a 4 pin switch and I need to know how to wire the switch up using only one 230V common supply for the timeswitch and the load?
Add external link between terminals 1 & 3. NB: all Neutrals are connected to terminal 4.

S250/Q550 ASTRO - On my round pattern timeswitch, the on and off operating arms move about. How do I set them into fixed position?
You have a solar dial for tracking sunset and sunrise automatically for lighting applications only. The on and off operating arms of a solar dial switch are designed to float about. If your application is not lighting then this is not the correct product and standard timeswitch alternative should be used.

S250/Q550 ASTRO - On my switch, the on and off levers move about. How do I set them into position?
If you can you see months in the dial face. You have a solar dial switch. The on and off operating arms of a solar dial switch are designed to float about. They automatically lock into the correct position as the dial rotates anticlockwise and each operating pin engages with their respective switch lever mechanism. The key issue is that the calendar within the dial and the time is correctly set, as this impacts the correct positioning of the on and off operating arms.  Please refer to instruction manual for further details. DO NOT LOOSEN CENTRE SERRATED NUT.

S250/Q550 ASTRO - How do you adjust my round pattern solar timeswitch for the correct longitude?
Both sunset ON and sunrise OFF operating arms have a slot enabling the operating pin to be adjusted by +/- 45 minutes from the nominal centre position. Each degree of longitude east or west translates to approx 4 minutes of inaccuracy. Each degree East = -4 minutes off the switching times, ie: move pin ANTICLOCKWISE on the slot . Each degree West=, add 4 minutes to the switching times ie move pin CLOCKWISE on the slot. Loosen screw slightly, move and re-tighten. Note that each slot is marked with 15minute divisions.

S250/Q550 ASTRO - How do I change the Form 13 solar dial switch to operate off at a fixed point around midnight rather than at sunrise? ie Part night switching?
Unscrew dial screw and remove the dial assembly to make adjustment easier. Remove the operating pin from the solar 'off' lever (noting the pins orientation) and place the pin onto the midnight bridge at the required off time between 20.30 and 01.00. (again maintain same orientation). Refit the dial assembly onto the switch fitting the dial screw and set the time.

S250/Q550 ASTRO - What are the major differences between Form 13 and Form 14 solar dials?
The Form 13 =1on/1off period for sunset to sunrise. The sunrise operating pin however can be moved to an optional fixed position between 20.30 and 01.00. (Providing part night switching only). - The Form 14=2on/2off periods. From sunset to a fixed off between 20.30 and 01.00(default 24.00) and also a fixed on between 03.15 and 08.00(default 05.00) to a sunrise off operation.  The Form 14 allows the lights being controlled, to be off for a period during the night.

S250/Q550 ASTRO - What is a Solar Dial switch? Does it operate under solar power?
No - It is not related to solar power. It needs a normal mains voltage supply. The product automatically switches lighting, predicting SUNSET and SUNRISE times to minimising unwanted burn time (of lighting). Another name for the product could be an Astrological timeswitch. The switch does sense light and can be installed in a cupboard.

S250/Q550 ASTRO - What does ‘Form’ mean?
‘Form’ relates to the number of on and off operations per 24 hour period. Form1 – One on and one off operation Form2 - Two on and two off operations Form3 - Three on and three off operations Form13 – Solar dials only - One on and one off operation Form14 - Solar dials only - Two on and two off operations.

S250/Q550/E850 STANDARD & ASTRO - Are all Sangamo Round Pattern Timeswitches (RPTS) interchangeable?
A1– Yes – 3 pin product will fit into an old 3 pin base. A2 – Maybe - 4 pin products physically may fit into an old 4 pin base but need to be careful that the same model type is fitted as was removed. Eg a Q553 has different wiring to a Q563 & other obsolete models. A3 – No - Not recommended between S250/Q550 and E850 products. S250/Q550 require an earth terminal – not in an E850 base. Similarly fitting an E850 into an S250/Q550 base will mean an earth terminal could get trapped in its electronics. The E850 is a doubly insulated product with no exposed metal so no earth connection required. On E850 it is recommeded using the base provided.

S250/Q550/E850 STANDARD & ASTRO - What is the difference between 3 & 4 pin round pattern timeswitches?
3 pin switches have common clock and switch connections. Eg: The same 230Vac Live supply used to the run the clock is also used as the Live input for the switching circuit. 4 pin switches have independent clock and switch connections which enable a different AC switching circuit voltage to be controlled from that of the 230V required to run the clock. eg switch a 110Vac machine. You can also isolate the switching circuit independently of the supply to the clock.

Q550 STANDARD - Can you explain the operation of the levers A & B on a double rocker switch ie Q563?
The switch can alternate between 2 outputs. 20Amp load Live connected to terminal 2 & actuated by lever A (Bottom rocker) ; 10Amp load Live connected to terminal 3 & actuated on by lever B (upper rocker).

S250/Q550/E850 STANDARD & ASTRO - When I install my round pattern timeswitch, do I loosen the 2 screws at back of the base?
No. These screws are for the manufacturing process only, retaining the base assembly components in place. To separate the mechanism from its base remove clear cover, unscrew extended terminal cover and then grasp behind dial or use pull handle depending on the model type to release the mechanism. The mechanism is only of a push in/pull out type. The base can then be installed appropriately.

S250/Q550 STANDARD - I only want 1 on/off period on a standard 24hour dial product. (normally supplied as 2 on/off periods)?
To convert to a 1 on/off switching period –Remove dial screw and pull dial free from the mechanism. This makes adjustment easier. Option 1 - loosen dial knob, sequence arms so 1st ON is at required setting followed by 2nd ON then 1st OFF is at required setting followed by 2nd OFF. Ensure 2 ON’s not butting exactly together as unit may jam at omit disc. Option 2 - Remove top set of ON & OFF arms then re-assemble the dial assy and refit dial to mechanism.

S250/Q550 STANDARD & ASTRO -My switch stops working when the off lever is actuated by the dial? The clock also stops ticking?
This is possible on 3 pin products where the Live wires are reversed - Live In & Live Out are connected to terminals 3 & 1 respectively rather than terminals 1 & 3. Reverse wiring and re-check.